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Appreciation is the greatest award

Two weeks ago we were informed about our tenth place in Fortune Magazine’s 2014 ranking of the world’s “most admired and respected” companies. Now it is my pleasure to present two other rankings that we are very proud of. The greatest award is when our hard work is appreciated not only by employees, customers and business partners, but also by our peers and the industry itself.

From Engine to Power Source…

GE builds turbines from the company’s best selling CF6-80 jet engines, which are made in Cincinati and are later sent to GE Power and Water plant in Veresegyhaz, Hungary as part of the repurposing process. These gas turbines are then turned capable of generating power for 40,000 households. From Hungary, the so called LM6000 gas turbines are distributed worldwide, sometimes even to Israel to help the electricity capacity of the country. They are also distributed to Houston, in order to provide local energy to the world’s largest hospital, the Texas Medical Center.

Feel the Love: Investment versus Expense

Guest post by Milan Slapak, Commercial Director at GE Aviation

Driving customer success at GE Aviation is all about… meeting and exceeding expectations. Products delivered must be of the highest quality, but so too must be the work from our service experts who train customers. Maintenance is an investment; the training we provide is a way to help clients save money, and that helps build our reputation.

Look Who is Talking – About GE in CEE

Spring has finally sprung in CEE, and with the first glimpse of sunshine comes more illuminating media coverage of GE’s strong efforts in the region. March was a month that saw more newspapers and magazine pick up on our developments and successes. From jet engines to skilled employees, wind towers and 3D printing, GE was again leading the way and dominating business news. In total, 12 stories of importance reached the CEE region.

Milk, Harvest and Shoot for Success

GE Money, a leading lender in the Czech Republic’s agricultural sector, has taken part in the country’s 2014 TechAgro event. Lukáš Zeman, manager of agriculture and eco-energy at GE Money Bank, said that GE Money’s exposure at this year's TechAgro event had ‘exceeded all expectations’, adding that ‘great interest was shown in our loans to finance new agricultural techniques. Compared to last year´s TechArgo the interest in our agricultural loans has risen by nearly 10 percent.’

GE Annual Report: Progress and the Czech’s H80 Engine

Guest post by Peter Stracar, CEO for GE in CEE

Progress drives us all. It can be unifying and empowering – for individuals as well as for companies. The American industrialist Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Ford’s words fit well with the sentiments of Jeff Immelt, GE Chairman and CEO, who recently sent out his annual letter to shareholders. Its theme and title was “Progress”.

Caught by Bitfection Fever

GE Healthcare Hungary has chosen an exciting and unconventional method to recruit the most talented software developers, launching an innovative online programming competition. Building on the players’ strategy and abilities, the Bitfection game aims to draw savvy Java developers into the world of GE.

Let it Burn: The Attraction of Syngas

Guest post by Luis Sánchez Angrill, General Manager and CEO, EQTEC Iberia/ Ebioss Energy

Even though fossil fuel production will still be in use, Eastern Europe is moving away from the traditionally large energy generation capacities to more flexible and highly efficient combined cycle power plants, which can quickly be started up and shut down. A wave of decentralized power blows in Bulgaria to help the country achieve greater energy independence and our innovative and unique EQTEC Gasifier Technology plays a crucial role into this scenario.

CEE Exports on the Rise

Guest post by Viktor Tóth, Head of Commercial Banking at Budapest Bank

At the Commercial Banking division of Budapest Bank, a GE Capital affiliate, we put strong focus on helping Hungarian SME’s, which account for 80% of our total customer base, to enter the export market. Back in 2010, we were the first to provide Hungarian businesses access to a pre-export financing scheme refinanced by Eximbank (the Hungarian Export-Import Bank) and we were among the 18 Hungarian banks renewing the agreement on March 26, 2014.