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Networking and Networks – a topic at the latest AmCham Visionary Series event

Innovate, Educate, Celebrate

How overwhelming is the power of networks? Are we prepared to live forever? Are we witnessing the dawn of the Second Machine Age? If you participated in any of the three AmCham Hungary and GE “Visionary Series” that commemorated our 25th anniversary together, you already know how experts reflected on these questions. At the latest event of the series, I was one of the panelists reflecting on social and human networks - together with experts including a network scientist, the CEO of a mobile phone company, and the communication head of MOL. It was a great mix of professionals, one that managed to shake up the audience. The event was so popular, in fact, that extra chairs had to be brought into the room at the Marriott Budapest.

A good way to start your day: reception area

Worker Productivity: Let There Be Light!

Employees are a company’s greatest asset – it is your staff’s productivity that affects your profits, and more and more employers recognize that a comfortable work environment means happier, more productive staff. Indeed, operating costs can be reduced significantly. Office work can often cause problems to the health of employees. Sitting behind a badly positioned monitor or desk, in an inappropriate chair, can adversely affect the spine and a person’s vision. To help take care of these employee conditions and to provide them with optimal conditions for work, companies are moving to ‘user-friendly’ offices, and in some cases ‘green’ offices.

Premie in combat gear (Source: GE Reports)

Combat Gear for Premature Babies

Early-born tiny babies in neonatal intensive care units are the biggest fighters. Most of them are facing life-challenging complications and rely on the help of machines to develop, breathe and even to maintain their body temperature. Based on her own experience, Finnish enetrpreneur Nina Ignatius designed a range of clothing that fully open and allow parents to dress their infants without having to disconnect any equipment – reducing the risk of infections and helping young parents to care for their children. Ignatius has just moved her business headquarters to GE Healthcare Innovation Village in Helsinki and is looking forward to working together with GE’s experts in neonatal care.

GE LED fixtures helping produce 10,000 lettuces per day at the world’s biggest indoor farm

Look Who is Talking – About GE in CEE

September was a hugely high profile month for GE, with major participation in the Krynica Economic Forum; interviews regarding Europe’s energy efficiency; news of an indoor farm lit by 17,500 LEDs, and GE scientists revolutionizing the efficiency of trains, planes and automobiles – to name just some of our headline grabbing efforts.

Birthday at large GE

Igniting Europe’s Growth

Breaking: GE is to double the size of its Global Research Center and building a customer innovation center

Europe is home to many of the world’s most innovative countries, sectors and companies, but Europe as a whole is not yet an innovation success story. Today, at the event "Innovation Breakthrough - Igniting Europe’s Growth", hosted by GE Global Research Center in Munich, now celebrating its 10 anniversary, leading researchers and stakeholders are discussing how Europe can reap the benefits from hugely disruptive forces like Industrial Internet, Advanced Manufacturing, and the Global Brain. Stakes are high: innovate or stagnate. As the event proceeds, we will update this post with quotes, a White Paper, discussion topics and CEE specifics.

The new detectors will allow scientists to build a lightweight, high-resolution, high-sensitivity scanner that fits around the head of the subject. (Source: GE Global Research)

The Helmet Looking Into Your Brain

This is not Back to the Future, this is advanced technology developed by GE, that would allow doctors to observe the most complicated biological structure on the cellular level, while the patient is moving, to study the motor activity in the brain. The device will use positron emission tomography (PET) to reach down to the level of individual cells, and look for neurological disorders.

ITLPs in action in Budapest

ITLP: Where Future IT Leaders Meet

Guest post by Chris Catalano, Global Program Manager for GE’s Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP)

To get to know a company, one must jump in and experience it at many levels. Whether the company creates products or provides services, it is important to understand business operations. Sometimes this can be rather difficult, something I realized when climbing one of GE’s wind turbines in my first job with the company almost 12 years ago. Why do this? Going into it, it was mostly curiosity. However, I later realized the value of understanding the components to the product and how it works, and how this helped me in my IT role. I carried through with this in subsequent roles, getting exposure to manufacturing facilities and customer sites.

Did he inherit his grandad’s floppy ears? Time to find out. (Source: GE Reports)

Look Who is Kicking

Exhausted mother with a sleeping newborn – for many years this was the very first picture of every baby photo album. These days it is not the proud fathers who take that very first snap. Instead, healthcare professionals step in to document the very beginning of human life. For some it is the cuteness, for doctors, it is precious information: GE’s Voluson E10*, for example can emit signals and process information fast enough to view the heart in real time.

Renewable power generation can help the CEE countries meet their sustainable development goals (Source: GE Power & Water)

Global Energy Crisis: Myth or Reality?

Update 17.00 CET: PGE Energia Natury PEW Selects GE Turbines for Polish Wind Farm - announcement

The future of Polish and European energy policy, and the role of renewables in the energy mix are key points of discussion at greenPOWER 2014, a two-day long congress that begins today in Warsaw. During the first day, attendees from business, politics and science and business, including GE, are to discuss the energy challenges today’s economies are facing. Hub is the new buzzword for energy too – is Europe ready to set an example to overcome global energy efficiency challenges?

Proud ladies with the Award: Cecília Csányi, HR Leader, GE Power&Water, Veresegyház, Éva Marton, Europe T&L Leader, leader of the GE Working Parents initiative in Hungary and Csilla Gömbös, HR leader, GE Global Operations, Hungary

Return of a Mum+

Guest post by Éva Marton, Europe T&L Leader, voluntary leader of GE’s Working Parents Initiative in Hungary


GE Hungary has just recieved the "Family Friendly Employer Award” from the Hungarian Ministry of Human Capacities and the “Three Princes Three Princesses Association” – a recognition that I was honoured to receive on behalf of GE at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. We have worked hard to create a family-friendly environment for both parents and parents to be, but this award is not rewarding a dedicated team only, but everyone at GE, including employees and leaders as well. We all have worked very hard to help each other to create an optimal work-life balance – for the benefit of the employees, but also for the benefit of GE. I strongly believe that a company can only be successful, if it is “powered” by motivated, content people. For that, a family-friendly approach is a must.