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The Sound of Science

The industrial world buzzes, whirs, thrums and beeps – sometimes audibly, at other times just out of the range of human hearing. For most of us, these noises are the background track of the modern world, but for DJ and musician Matthew Dear, there’s music in the science. Dear recently collaborated with scientists at GE’s Global Research Center in Niskayuna to gather 1,000 samples from some of the world’s most powerful machines. Armed with an hour of source material from machines around the world, Dear disappeared into his home studio and emerged with a three-minute sonic odyssey called “Drop Science”.

Europe is facing the need for profound revision – Krynica Economic Forum is the place to discuss where the region should head to

Is CEE Heading Onto a New Path of Growth?

If it is, we will to find out in one week’s time at the Krynica Economic Forum of 2-4 September, where politicians, leaders of corporations and experts will discuss the future of the region. Let’s look at how participants, including country leaders and GE’s CEO for CEE are preparing for this landmark event on which we will do extensive reporting – following our in-depth coverage of last year, 2012 and of 2011.

DIY (Source:

Pitch Perfect Pour

People are ready to be adventurous with their appliances at home. With this in mind, GE’s collaboration with open-source innovator Local Motors aims to create innovative new refrigerators and other appliances and bring them to market quickly. GE’s first micro-factory FirstBuild allows the company to innovate faster and introduce the products consumers want when they want them. Just a few months after FirstBuild launched with a micro-factory in Louisville and an online community that can share and build digitally, the collaboration has already rolled out its first product, the Smart Pitcher.

Koala at risk - picture from GE Reports

Save Our Koalas

They are probably some of the cutest creatures on earth, but their population is endangered by cars, dogs and a disease also known to humans: chlamydia. The entire koala population, which could number anywhere between 50,000 to 100,000, is at risk; in some parts of Australia, up to 90 percent of the koala population is affected. Luckily, experts and GE Healthcare come to help.

 Optima MR450w with GEM Suite continues GE’s emphasis on patient comfort without compromising quality or capabilities.

Relax and Do It

Most people are concerned about their health, but according to a recent survey the majority of Hungarians do not consult with their doctors even if they come down with severe health symptoms, with 79 per cent claiming that they never visit their practitioner. Inconvenience and fear are two likely reasons for this and both are tackled at Diagnoscan Hungary, a state-of-the-art imaging diagnostic centre at the Bank Center in central Budapest, where GE technology is helping to make diagnostics less stressful and more accurate.

Colteanu: more than 60% increase in exports from Romania

Romanian Engineering Wizards

A team of 24 highly skilled Romanian field engineers is travelling around the world to provide diagnostic services for turbines and turbine services. The unit – GE Inspection & Life Extension Services (I&LES) – secures contracts in international markets and is a successful supplier of testing and monitoring services for the energy industry, stated Cristian Colteanu, GE President & CEO for Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.


“Glocalize” to Live Better

Update 18.00 CET, July 22: quotes from the event

According to senior business executives, people in Poland live better today than 10 years ago because of the impact of innovation and over half of them perceive SMEs and start-ups as driving innovation in Poland. This morning in Warsaw, on the 22nd floor of the Skylight tower, GE presents the results of the Polish edition of the GE Innovation Barometer 2014. The results will be presented during a media meeting hosted by Beata Stelmach, GE’s CEO for Poland and the Baltics, with Paweł Poncyljusz, Member of the Management Board of Avio Polska, and Leszek Grabarczyk, Deputy Director of the National Centre for Research and Development.

Beauty and performance in demand: LEAP

LEAP the Competiton

GE’s new LEAP engines are proving a huge success with airlines. Hainan Airlines and Air Lease Corporation have placed orders in recent days and the engine has racked up an impressive number of further orders announced at the FARNBOROUGH AIR SHOW, one of the world’s largest exhibitions and air displays, that was held on 14-20 July, bringing GE’s jet engine business $36 bn in new business. How does this relate to CEE? Through the Unison Engine Components (UEC) GE Aviation plant in Romania, which is getting ready to meet the growing demand for combustor parts for 50% of the LEAP engines that GE will deliver worldwide. This means new jobs, extensive reengineering and considerable investments.



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