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“Glocalize” to Live Better

Update 18.00 CET, July 22: quotes from the event

According to senior business executives, people in Poland live better today than 10 years ago because of the impact of innovation and over half of them perceive SMEs and start-ups as driving innovation in Poland. This morning in Warsaw, on the 22nd floor of the Skylight tower, GE presents the results of the Polish edition of the GE Innovation Barometer 2014. The results will be presented during a media meeting hosted by Beata Stelmach, GE’s CEO for Poland and the Baltics, with Paweł Poncyljusz, Member of the Management Board of Avio Polska, and Leszek Grabarczyk, Deputy Director of the National Centre for Research and Development.

Beauty and performance in demand: LEAP

LEAP the Competiton

GE’s new LEAP engines are proving a huge success with airlines. Hainan Airlines and Air Lease Corporation have placed orders in recent days and the engine has racked up an impressive number of further orders announced at the FARNBOROUGH AIR SHOW, one of the world’s largest exhibitions and air displays, that was held on 14-20 July, bringing GE’s jet engine business $36 bn in new business. How does this relate to CEE? Through the Unison Engine Components (UEC) GE Aviation plant in Romania, which is getting ready to meet the growing demand for combustor parts for 50% of the LEAP engines that GE will deliver worldwide. This means new jobs, extensive reengineering and considerable investments.



These are the coolest sneakers to date and they will go on sale this Sunday. The Missions sneakers are made from the same material, developed by GE, as the boots worn by Buzz Aldrin and Neil A. Amstrong 45 years ago, touching the Moon’s surface for the first time. They come in a limited edition of 100 copies, so make sure you go to JackThreads and place your order.

FIFA_GE Lighting

Sunday Light

The Brazil 2014 FIFA World Cup hits its peak this Sunday when the whole world will be glued to the screens with high anticipation to learn which nation wins. And guess who is responsible for the stadium lighting? You are right. GE Lighting is proud to have delivered cutting edge lighting solutions during the nail-biting moments of this spectacular event.

32 students from 20 reputable universities gather in Budapest to widen their horizon

No Overnight Success

Practical career advice from GE leaders to future leaders

Be well-informed, prepared and honest to yourself; do not be afraid of the fast paced world of business; build and take care of your network.”

These are just some of the useful pieces of advice GE leaders shared with the new generation of potential leaders, namely this year’s 32 scholarship winners from 20 reputable Central European universities at the “Day with GE”. The event was part of the currently ongoing one-week GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program Summer Seminar where participants acquire widespread knowledge and experience from different companies including GE and organizations.

According to Ladislav Bánovec (on the right side) “We greatly appreciate the fact that the Program is aimed at strengthening the importance of international exchange and experience“. (Source: GE)

A Decade of Impact

Guest post by Ladislav Bánovec, Director of Department for International Relations, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Czech Republic

Talent attracts talent, an axiom long known by GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program, GE’s visionary, regional university scholarship celebrates its 10th anniversary this year in the Czech Republic. The program contributes greatly to the support and development of outstanding students from prominent universities in the country and in the entire CCE region. At the 10th anniversary we were happy to have Ladislav Bánovec, Director of Department for International Relations, Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, the Czech Republic at the award ceremony we held at the beautiful residence of the American Ambassador in Prague. We invited him to share his thoughts with our readers. Please also watch a highlight video on the 10th anniversary made by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

Girls have dominated the 11th edition of the Program - these are the Polish Scholar Leaders for 2014 (Source: GE)

Tech-savvy women on the rise

The number of female technical students is increasing in Poland… and the number is still growing

According to recent data gathered by the Central Statistical Office in Poland, there is a significant growth in the female learners at Polish universities. Also, the rate of female technical scholars is noticeably increasing, a trend welcomed by GE Foundation Scholar-Leaders Program. It is no surprise that women awardees outnumbered male peers at the recent award ceremony in Warsaw. These efforts respond to the ever changing labour market expectations.

Agostino Renna, President and CEO GE Lighting EMEA

Combining climate change, productivity and innovation to shake up energy efficiency

Guest post by Agostino Renna, President and CEO GE Lighting EMEA

Last week I participated in a roundtable discussion in Warsaw hosted by Beata Stelmach, GE’s CEO for Poland and the Baltics. The meeting, which was joined by Polish media representatives, was a great opportunity to talk about local and European challenges, such as delivering energy efficiency solutions and a sustainable balance of power during the transformation of the energy sector.


Machine learning is just the beginning

Updated with Hungarian version/ Az interjú magyar nyelven is olvasható.

GE and the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary are celebrating 25 years in partnership with Hungary with a “Visionary Series” from June to November. Roundtable discussions will focus on topics that will shape the next 25 years, such as the technological revolution, healthcare, human capital, resource management and communications. Today Joerg Bauer, President of GE Hungary, is participating in the first roundtable called “Dawn of the Second Machine Age: Technological Revolution and its Effects on Human Capital.” We asked him to share his thoughts on what the future of humans and machines might look like.


Fair Play: GE Hungary’s First Sportsday

"GE ON THE MOVE” - The motto encapsulates GE Hungary’s first cross-business Sportsday, recently held in the sports field of Tungsram SC in Budapest. The talents of 10 GE businesses with over 400 participants gathered to roll up their sleeves and show how sport competitions can bring the members of the GE Family together. The teams of GE GGO, Power, Water, Lighting, Aviation, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Budapest Bank, Energy Management and Working Capital Solutions participated in different sport activities including football, volleyball, streetball, tennis, table tennis, fussball and running.