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ITLPs in action in Budapest

ITLP: Where Future IT Leaders Meet

Guest post by Chris Catalano, Global Program Manager for GE’s Information Technology Leadership Program (ITLP)

To get to know a company, one must jump in and experience it at many levels. Whether the company creates products or provides services, it is important to understand business operations. Sometimes this can be rather difficult, something I realized when climbing one of GE’s wind turbines in my first job with the company almost 12 years ago. Why do this? Going into it, it was mostly curiosity. However, I later realized the value of understanding the components to the product and how it works, and how this helped me in my IT role. I carried through with this in subsequent roles, getting exposure to manufacturing facilities and customer sites.

Did he inherit his grandad’s floppy ears? Time to find out. (Source: GE Reports)

Look Who is Kicking

Exhausted mother with a sleeping newborn – for many years this was the very first picture of every baby photo album. These days it is not the proud fathers who take that very first snap. Instead, healthcare professionals step in to document the very beginning of human life. For some it is the cuteness, for doctors, it is precious information: GE’s Voluson E10*, for example can emit signals and process information fast enough to view the heart in real time.

Renewable power generation can help the CEE countries meet their sustainable development goals (Source: GE Power & Water)

Global Energy Crisis: Myth or Reality?

Update 17.00 CET: PGE Energia Natury PEW Selects GE Turbines for Polish Wind Farm - announcement

The future of Polish and European energy policy, and the role of renewables in the energy mix are key points of discussion at greenPOWER 2014, a two-day long congress that begins today in Warsaw. During the first day, attendees from business, politics and science and business, including GE, are to discuss the energy challenges today’s economies are facing. Hub is the new buzzword for energy too – is Europe ready to set an example to overcome global energy efficiency challenges?

Hard at work: kids playing at the GE Working Parents Day in Budapest, Hungary

Return of a Mum+

Guest post by Éva Marton, Europe T&L Leader, voluntary leader of GE’s Working Parents Initiative in Hungary

The three-year maternity leave offered in Hungary is something many consider as a blessing and one that boosts the willingness to have children; but to some, it is also a burden when reintegrating into the workplace after a longer hiatus. But this is just the beginning of the challenges: the real ones come when you have to juggle family and career, and here both men and women both struggle. The very first lesson for anyone on this kind of “double shift” is to accept help when it is offered and to not be shy to ask for it if needed.

Ageing infographic

Time is Running Out for Europe’s Hospital Scanners

In aviation, ageing aircraft engines can lead to lower fuel efficiency for airlines and higher prices for travelers. Patients and doctors across Europe, including many of the countries in Central and Eastern Europe face a similar issue – the implications of a rapidly ageing “fleet” of medical imaging equipment. New data from European Coordination Committee of the Radiological Electromedical and Healthcare IT industry (COCIR) has shed light on the problem and what it means for healthcare throughout Europe.

Beata Stelmach, GE

Expedition CEE, Peak Attack

The heads of states, large corporations, professional organizations and the living legends that played an instrumental part in the changes of the last 25 years in CEE are back at their base – after leaving Krynica, the “Davos of the East” after a debate-packed 3 days in Poland. The 2500 participants of 24th Kryinca Economic Forum – the most high-profile business conference for Central and Eastern Europe, according to the Financial Times – are now looking at their notes and are debriefing colleagues on what they learned in Krynica about the status and trends of CEE. Together with a strong GE team on the ground, their task was to continue the dialogue about how to make CEE more competitive. Let’s see what they share with their colleagues after the conference.


Don’t Look for the Holy Grail

Europe and CEE needs to act fast and has to make brave decisions in order to keep up in today’s highly competitive marketplace. In the most animated discussion of the 24th Krynica Economic Forum so far, politicians and business leaders shared their views on how to make Europe and CEE more competitive. The GE-initiated plenary session entitled ‘Where Should the European Economy be Heading?’, kicked off the second day of the conference with a large, and fired up audience of 400.

Opening Session at XXIV Krynica Economic Forum

It’s Time for New Leaders

The Polish town of Krynica is the current epicenter of change in the region: in the next three days it hosts government representatives, leaders of large corporations and NGOs who are able ignite crucial changes in CEE. Together with thousand of delegates and a strong GE delegation, we are reporting from the 24th Economic Forum, where you are very likely to meet legends like Lech Walesa, or talk to executives whose views shape entire industries.

Peter Stracar at the Krynica Economic Forum last year

Prosper Locally, Compete Globally

Guest post by Peter Stracar, CEO for GE in CEE

Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) has been celebrating the 25th anniversary of the economic, political and social transition, which was followed by a uniquely successful transformation. The efforts of a quarter of a century have resulted in the reintegration of the region into the mainstream global economy. Significant, export oriented growth put most countries in the high income category, when comparedon a global scale. Not bad for a region with such a tough communist history, one could rightly say. Can CEE now sit back when reading positive economic forecasts about its future? Having worked in Asia and now back in CEE as GE’s CEO, I am strongly convinced that the region must stay vigilant. There is the need for a regional vision for the next phase of sustainable development in addition to thinking just on country or European levels.


Passion, Paranoia, Promotion

If you are at the start of your career or still studying, solid career advice from those who have made it is golden. If, on the other hand, you are a weathered professional, such advice can come in handy as well, but with a warning: it will leave you with a bitter feeling of regret that you could have done much better. Either way, our video with Agostino Renna, President and CEO of GE Lighting EMEA, will make you change the way you think about your career goals and rethink your path to success. It is never too late for a change. It is a must-watch for those still under the parasol, for those about to head off to a new semester and for anyone who is just about to get that very first business card.