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A Singular Program at NASA: Where Young Innovators Unite

Update: Winners announced

The winners of this year’s Global Impact Competition in the CEE region are: Pawel Jarmolkowicz, Poland with his Harimata project and Stefan Ivanov, Bulgaria with his project Stepsss. Read more on the projects here. The Singularity is Near and this is so true for Budapest today: For the second year in a row, GE Healthcare is the proud platinum sponsor of the Global Impact Competition in the CEE region, an initiative by Singularity University held in the Hungarian capital. Last year the jury had the chance to see projects that over the coming three years can positively impact one million people in their country or region – all of the projects coming from young innovators.

Can We Afford to Underutilize Female Talent?

Guest post by Zsuzsanna Szelényi, international human development expert

While women and men show many similarities as leaders, they tend to have different ways of communicating, influencing and managing, according to scientific research. The feminine leadership style enriches decision making with a set of views that has been proven to result in higher earnings and better governance. So if women do not take part in management, their knowledge is getting lost.  More in the following article, which originally was published in Magyar Narancs (March 22, 2012) by Zsuzsanna Szelényi, a well-known Hungarian human development expert.

Doctors to Develop Life-saving Equipment

Guest post by Dr Lajos Reich, Chief Technology Officer, GE Healthcare Hungary

Have you ever thought how the most modern medical equipment is developed? Are doctors consulted? Are local needs taken into account? We are now proud to announce the set up of the new GE Healthcare’s international R&D Center in Szeged that enables us to employ another 30 highly skilled developers, as well as the signing of a strategic partnership with the internationally acknowledged University of Szeged.

Slovenia, the Most Competitive

A finding of a comprehensive regional research was revealed yesterday at the “Observatory on New Europe” conference in Budapest, organized by The European House-Ambrosetti on behalf of a pool of leading international companies: GE, Enel, Prysmina, CIB Bank, ING International. The study examines the competitiveness of the so-called “New Europe” countries (Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia) and their future prospects given the financial and economic crisis.

Personal Growth from a Global Perspective

Over 150 European GE top leaders (EB) from both industrial and capital businesses gathered at Hilton Arc de Triomphe Paris to take part in the 2011 EMEA EB Summit. There were 15 speakers and guests from GE’s highest management, as well as external participants. The summit focused on topics ranging from global economy and growth, scenarios for European Union’s future, GE in Europe, through multigenerational workforce, emerging trends in society, technology and business to important GE initiatives such as Ecomagination or diversity.